Over the years, 'Safari' has become synonymous with wildlife viewing in the African bush. If your primary reason for travelling to Africa is to experience an abundance of African wildlife in unspoilt wilderness, then Tanzania should be your destination of choice. Tanzania protects over 25% of its land through national parks and reserves, more than any other country on the continent...

Serengeti National Park with its annual wildebeest migration and the sheer magnificence of Ngorongoro Crater – the 8th wonder of the world – are at the top of highlight lists, but the lesser known National Parks have their own appeal. Lake Manyara is famous for its tree-climbing lion and abundant birdlife, Arusha National Park for its concentration of giraffe and Tarangire National Park for its herds of elephant.

A wildlife safari is just one reason to visit this beautiful country. For the more adventurous, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Meru is a highlight of their Tanzanian experience. Hiking through the rolling hills of the Ngorongoro Highlands or up the active Oldonyo Lengai, rising out of the Great Rift Valley provide more intimate experiences with the land and people.

The many and varied cultures that co-exist in Tanzania are also a major drawcard. Lake Eyasi is home to the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, while the Maasai and their herds of cattle make their homes throughout the north of the country. The foothills of Mt Meru are home to the Wameru people and the Wachugga can be found around Marangu nestled amongst the banana plantations on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. Cultural tourism programs give visitors the opportunity to experience and understand these cultures and are a frequent addition to a Tanzanian safari itinerary.

A fantastic way to end a wildlife safari or a demanding trek is to relax on the pristine beaches and in the azure waters of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Tanzania truly is a dream holiday destination that welcomes visitors from its highest peaks to its deepest lake, from its endless plains to its clear blue waters.